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Welcome to the affiliate page of DFInDeed! 

Here, YOUR SHOPPING DOLLARS when items or services are purchased through the affiliate links will help supplement the DFID Emergency Fund. 


Inside this page you'll find links to items or services that our members have purchased and/or earmarked as their favorites from participating online retailers.


DFID has registered as approved affiliate marketers with these retailers so that whenever someone enters through this portal to get to the online retailer, DFID will get a percentage from the qualifying purchase. 

Periodically, we may add some recommended items in the DFID store as well. They will be earmarked as affiliate qualifying items.  


The success of this program works by members & friends:

  1. entering the site from the provided link & making a qualified purchase

  2. sharing links with other family, friends & co-workers and encouraging them to purchase through these links from this page.


The potential can be GREAT and can help a lot of dogs!


Imagine, if you, an employer or a friend purchases something through these links, an emergency case can be funded.


Disclosure: Dachshund Friends In Deed at, is a participant of the affiliate links connected through this page. What this means is that if you complete a purchase, DFID will get a commission from the purchase. That being said, when choosing to be a participant of the affiliate program, DFID has researched and would only recommend affiliates that we feel would be of interest to our members and fall within the guidelines & goals of the non-profit. If there are ever any issues with any of these retailers, please contact the admistrators of DFID. Email:

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