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Welcome! Thanks for visiting the DFInDeed Store!

How it works...


The Items we select are wonderfully handcrafted or donated by the wonderful members & friends who graciously help raise money for doxies in need. Not only are these members & friends talented, but are generous too!

What does YOUR purchase or click do?:

(Where a percentage of EVERY purchase or click is a gift to a doxie

& helps to replenish the funding of the DFID Emergency Fund!!!)

Shop the store or an affiliate & DFID gets paid!

Every item placed gives back a percentage amount at a rate set up by the creator/donor. {A suggested minimum of 10% is asked to be given back to DFID}. Often, the donor elects to give back even MORE!}


All monies raised through the store help replenish the DFID Emergency Fund..

 Every time someone purchases from the online store or enters an affiliate & makes a purchase DFID will automatically receive a percentage of commission from the sale if they enter from this link  So share & tell your friends! 


Should you elect to purchase an item, DFID will receive a percentage of your ENTIRE cart's total purchase! This REALLY is an EASY way to quickly raise monies at no cost to DFID. 


Monies raised from these proceeds will allow the admins to focus on arranging for help rather that worrying about fundraising  for an appeal for a pet in need. 


Check out our store stocked with items that when purchased, a portion of the sale helps support the DFID Emergency Fund!

If you make or would like to list an item in the DFID store, please submit your information below.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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