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Dachshunds are our passion; and helping them when they are ill and injured is our mission.


With the support of ongoing donations to the emergency fund as well as support from the proceeds of auctions & raffles, you can help dachshunds in need.

Dachshunds Friends In Deed is a registered Non Profit 501(c) (3)  Public Charity.

EIN # 83-4234530

Donor Contributions are tax deductible

Contributions are gladly accepted by

Credit Card

Electronic Transfer

(Paypal, Venmo, Cash App)

Mail: Check or Money Order

Payable to Dachshund Friends In Deed

503  FM 359, Suite 130 #193, Richmond TX 77406


Dachshund Friends In Deed is an all-volunteer organization founded in 2019 with a common goal... to save & improve the health & lives of dachshunds in need of veterinary care. 

The group saw a rising trend in the number of dachshunds suffering +/or in poor health due to lack of veterinary care. Some owners were distressed because they could not afford the high cost of needed medical treatment & vet bills due to financial hardship or limited funds. 

All financial aid we provide from the Emergency Fund may come from donations, auctions or proceeds from the sale of merchandise in our online store.

Every precaution is taken to assure that Dachshund Friends In Deed maintains an "every penny" rule guaranteeing that 100% of donations are used ONLY for support of veterinary costs/aid. 


Administrative costs such as website maintenance, etc., are paid by/from the proceeds of our online store or by designated donations and occasional auctions specifically set up for that purpose.

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{Gone but never will be forgotten} 

Be sure to visit the Member's auction Page on Facebook that helps doxies & DFID with current appeals.There's something for EVERYONE's interest!
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Dachshund Friends In Deed Current Features
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DFID is presented daily with requests for financial assistance for cases in need. Many of these cases can & do deplete the emergency fund rapidly due to the rising costs of veterinary care.

DFID would like to THANK all the volunteers & members who help keep the program running, BUT IT CANNOT BE DONE without the help of the generosity & support of those who dedicate many, many hours their time, talents & financial  support to help as many cases as possible.

To view the current active cases please join us on Facebook.

We encourage you, to If you would like to help fund this emergency fund, please click the "Donate Here" tab in the above header.  

Thank you to our generous supporters that have helped



Coming Soon! 
Watch this area for upcoming events to support Doxie Friends In Deed


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